With Worth More Than $776B Apple Breaks Its Own Record

Image: www.cnet.com

Soon Apple Will Be Huge Enough To Be An Independent Country

Do you know the value of the Apple Company?

It’s exactly $776.7 billion, which makes it the most valuable publicly traded company of the world history! This amount is more than GNP of most of the countries in the world. Let’s say Argentina, which is in G-20 Countries list, has $540B GNP in 2016 with 41 million of the population.

“Monday’s opening stock price of $149.03 per share put the company at the top of the market, passing its previous high of $774.7 billion in February 2015, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

“Apple’s stock prices have hit records multiple times since 2015 high, but since Apple keeps repurchasing its own shares (there are 5.21 billion shares outstanding) today marks the first time the stock opened at a new market cap high.”

This drives Apple’s focus on launching its 10th-anniversaryĀ iPhone model, rumored by mostly iPhone 8Ā which is expected to be unveiled in September of this year. Although the company sold slightly fewer phone comparing to the previous year (50.8 million versus 51.2 million units), it made more money on the back of the pricier iPhone 7 Plus.