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Traffic Accidents Are Inevitable Facts Of Today’s Modern Life

There are millions of cars around the world, and each day there are thousands of small or big traffic accidents, accident attorneys dealing with those traffic accidents, law consulting companies taking care of an accident in behalf of you with their best personal injury attorneys in California, in New York or near you. Those auto injury lawyers are messing with people every day, some of whom are totally clueless about driving a car. So you are spending a significant part of your time in your car driving around but have you ever thought what to do after a car accident or whom to call after a car crash? How to find the accident attorney gjel traffic accident law consulting i am lawyer attorneys in California traffic accident consultant implementing ifrs17 kpmg allianz care worldwide 2020 aig traffic lawyers and traffic attorney what to do in case of an accident?

That’s a clear fact that (God bless all of us) we can have any time, anywhere, an unexpected accidental situation which can lock us at the scene of the accident for hours, result with scotch or different level of injury severity levels or even with deaths. Whatever happens, there are some vital steps and precautions you need to get over the situation with minor damage and hassle.

Today I’m going to try to explain what steps to take right after a car accident you involved in.

Call 911 and Police

First of all, as nothing is more important than you or your loved ones, check yourself and/or other people for any visible injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911 for an ambulance right away without losing time. Explain the operator that you need urgent medical assistance including the location details you are in. Try to clarify the location by telling her the nearest cross streets, if you are on a highway or on a countryside road, landmarks and signs.

Besides the ambulance, contacting and informing the police is another important thing you need to do, so call the police and do not ever leave the scene of the accident before the police arrive. After the arrival of the police officers, don’t forget to get the names and the badge numbers of the officers responding to the scene. Get the report number they keep or a copy of the report itself.

If you noticed anyone involved in the accident is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or was the driver using a cellphone while driving,¬†don’t forget to mention this to the police when you call for help.

accident report

As your insurance company will ask all the details including phone numbers and addresses of every single person (drivers, passengers, pedestrians and any witnesses) involved in the accident, try to obtain as much information as you can.

Obtain information about all the vehicles, such as license plate numbers, make and model, insurance status of the vehicles involved in the accident. Pay attention to the registered names of the vehicles that, if any of the drivers are not the registered ones, you will need the registered owners’ names.

Take Pictures Of Accident

scene of accident

Take detailed pictures of vehicles and the scene of the accident. Take as many photos as possible from different angles, of the accident site, people involved in, the vehicles, and anything else that might have a bearing on how the accident happened. Pictures of the license plates, the other vehicles’ ensures information and any other pieces of evidence such as street signs, lights, skid marks on the road, the position of the vehicles during the accident etc… also needed. Don’t think you are exaggerating as you might need to eliminate any negative claims against you. Remember that, pictures taken right after the accident happened are the most valuable source you can have.

take pictures of car accident

You might need the names and contact numbers of the witnesses, so try to get information about them before they leave!

 Call Insurance Company or Call Personal Injury Attorney?

car accident attorney

Before you call your insurance company, it might be good to call a personal injury attorney. If you don’t know any good car wreck attorney, you should have one, keep his/her phone number available in case of an emergency situation. of course no one is willing to pay extra fees to the car crash lawyers for nothing and of course you don’t need to call an accident attorney for every crash situation. However, this doesn’t mean you will never need them. You can’t predict the shape or severity level of an accident that will happen in the future and you involve in, so it will be a wise move to take your own precautions for your own safety and find and save the phone number of the best personal injury attorney.

Don’t be late to call your insurance company to inform the incident no matter you call your personal accident attorney or not as the insurance company may use this delay against you.

Most insurance companies have a ‘notice requirement’ so you must notify them of the accident in a timely matter.¬† My advice here is, do not speak to a representative from your insurance company unless you have talked to a car accident attorney. Never talk to a representative of the other vehicle’s insurance company. Do not give any statement to your insurance company explaining how the accident happened without first speaking to an attorney.

Pay Attention To Latent Injuries

call for help

Obviously, you’ll be taken to a hospital if you are heavily injured no matter you are conscious or unconscious. If you don’t have any visible body damage or injury, don’t underestimate it though. Many injuries like whiplash or possible head injuries, or any internal ones, which received as a result of a sudden impact like traffic accidents don’t reveal themselves immediately. Failure to get required medical care on time might cause failure to live later if you have a latent injury that will come out after 24 or 36 hours.

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