3D technology is expanding day by day

The scientist has built recently 3D printed bionic arms in The UK as we discussed before. And now we see that similar ultra durable materials are used to build a bike frame.

It’s not a high-end carbon fiber mountain bike.

Although at first sight, one can presume The Arevo bicycle as an expensive one, this bike is not a high-end carbon-fiber mountain bike. It was made out of 3D technology from head to toe, and it has a fame as the ‘first 3D printed bike of all times.

One of the 3D printing on engineering level aka additive manufacturing company has recently produced this fully functional bicycle. It was produced as a proof of concept to show the world that this high-end thermoplastic material is capable of replacing metal in the future. By using robotic 3D-printing process, laser heating, and thermoplastic material the important fields like defense, airplanes, fighter jets, electronics companies and more, can replace metal with this technology to produce more cost-effective, lighter, and more durable components in the future.

Takes two weeks to build up, shorter than carbon fiber ones.

The production process took two weeks for the entire bike and only the frame is 3D printed whereas other parts can also be made by using the same technique. This is clearly a shorter timeframe than producing a carbon-fiber based components.
Using a complicated engineering, A robotic arm, and a spinning table shapes the thermoplastic material by heating with a laser into a form of this attractive bike. As it’s stated, by this technology, producing customized bike, or replicating discontinued and unavailable parts and components will be a piece of cake.

video and image source: Mashable