One Of It’s Kind, The Most Luxurious SUV to Ride On And Off Road

We’ve been waiting for quite some time and finally, the camouflage has come off and here is the first look at the Rolls-Royce Cullinan which was revealed in Berkeley Square at the Rolls-Royce dealership.

This is a slightly earlier look than everyone else at the car itself and immediately what apparent is how much of the Phantom is shining through.

Here this front end looks so much like the Phantom that we saw last year.

As you’d imagine it’s a Rolls-Royce, so it’s absolutely massive, yet doesn’t look relatively much larger than other big SUVs that we’ve previously seen but it is definitely huge under the hood.

It has the same 6.75L twin-turbo V12 engine which delivers

627 pound-feet of torque (850Nm).

That’s the first time Rolls-Royce has produced an all-wheel drive vehicle so that power is going to be delivered to all four wheels which makes the car capable of handling pretty much every off-road terrain.

Real Experience Will Be Available When It Released

We don’t know for certain how it rides and how that experience of the ultimate luxury will feel on muds and gravel up on a mountain or in the desert until we actually get to drive it.

Hopefully, later this year and as Rolls-Royce claims, every effort has been made to make sure that the car can handle pretty much anything that’s thrown at it.

An electronically regulated air suspension setup will allow the car to push all four wheels down for maximum traction in challenging driving conditions, as well as maintaining that legendary magic-carpet ride out on the road.

The interior has everything we’d come to expect from a Rolls Royce but closing the door yourself obviously is not the Rolls-Royce way because the car itself isn’t that much bigger than the Phantom.

The interior relatively feels a bit smaller because they’ve had to accommodate different aspects so although it still feels the absolute highest level of plush, it doesn’t have the same airspace that we have seen in the Phantom. However, it still feels large enough to accommodate 4 adults comfortably.

We don’t have the same gallery set up in the dash that we have on the Phantom, rather a more functional robustness that lends itself to an SUV.

The higher driving position won’t feel that much different from the Rolls-Royce Phantom which was already quite a chunky car with a high position, but that surely will be marketed as a car people want to drive themselves, so this commandeering position and driving position high up on the road will feel very welcoming.

All Driving Conditions Based On A Single Smart Button

What the most significant thing on the interior is this one single button which lets the car decide the road condition itself without bothering the driver. This button is available with the cars like Range Rover offers a multimode, including automatic settings for different off-road conditions like snow, mud, descent… but manually. Here it’s a kind of thing Rolls-Royce have simplified it down to one button ‘off-road’, meaning that the car will take care of everything.

There’ll be optics looking forward to actually analyze the terrain to adapt the car, to make sure that it is dealing with the obstacles ahead without troubling you.

it’s almost trying to provide some of the off-road chauffeuring for you even if you are driving yourself.

It’s A Heavy Car, From All Aspects

We’ve seen similar technology being used by Rolls-Royce before with ‘sat-nav’ being used to analyze the road ahead to select the appropriate gear to make sure that you’re not troubled with such trivialities as picking which gear to drive in yourself.

We imagine SUVs to have a certain kind of design on its platform to be similar in the first regard. But Rolls-Royce is telling us how the car is insulated from the rest of the cars, making it a true three box vehicle.

As 5864 LB (2660kg), it’s slightly heavier than the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but in person, it doesn’t feel overly large for an SUV.

Overall the package has some imposing details, but comes together in a more understated final result, where the Phantom is simply ‘massive’, the Cullinan looks more proportionate.  Prices will start at $325.000 and £210.000, and we’ll expect that to go steeply up as soon as you start to add anything.

Image source: Rolce-Royce