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E-Vision Appears To Be One Of The Biggest Rival Of Tesla Model 3

During Geneva Motor Show 2018 Indian Automaker Tata revealed this new stunning looking luxury sedan called E-Vision

As it’s still on the concept stage, we can not predict the price, however, it’s not supposed to be more than its equivalents. When we consider the price of Polestar luxury hybrid which is planned to start production possibly at the end of this year, the price of Tata is not supposed to be more than Tesla model 3, despite being an ultra-luxury car similar to Polestar.

According to plans, Tata E-vision is planned to start mass production in around 2020-22.

As the company has stated, E-vision will have a 186 miles range per single charge which is less than Tesla model X, yet as I said before it’s planned to be an Ultra luxury car rather than a long-range family car. For using the battery power with max efficiency based on live traffic and routes, the car has a has a Predictive energy management system.

The E-Vision has some other technological innovations such as; analytics, cloud computing, geospatial mapping, improved human-machine interface and coming with both fast (DC) and slow (AC) charging.

And as the same authority claimed, max speed of the vehicle will be 124 MpH and will reach 0 to 60 under 7 sec.