Europe Is Stepping Up

Europe has been acting slower than the rest of the world with the electric cars demand and sales so far, but nowadays it’s getting a dramatic change as Bloomberg reports showed that just in the first quarter of 2017 electric vehicle sales increased nearly 38 percent.

This year, totalĀ sales number of battery-powered vehicles is 32.627 which is estimated to increase more next year about %3 more.

“The European Automobile Manufacturersā€™ Association (EAMA) says all major EU markets saw increases in sales of alternative fuel vehicles with the largest gains coming from Spain (87.4%), Germany (67.5%), and the United Kingdom (29.9%). Electric vehicles in particular saw large increases in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.”

Renault has an important role!

“Bloomberg credits the Renault Zoe as one of the models that are winning over converts as it proved popular in Germany and Spain. However, BMW recently pointed out the i3 has a 22% percent share of the electric vehicle market in Germany and a 17% share across Europe.”