Subaru Possibly To Come With Plug-In Hybrid By 2018, All-Electric Car By 2021

Seeing the latest improvements and growing EV market demands, Subaru is planning to join the competition and preparing an operation for both Plug-in hybrid and all-electric model till 2021, according to CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, despite its silence up to date.

As the CEO indicated in an interview, Subaru is not interested in starting production all-electric vehicle in the near future, yet, intends to simply go for a plug-in hybrid model by the time battery production costs are affordable enough.

The company is now,Ā making a huge amount of investments intoĀ research and development phases, some of which is associated with EV production. Other parts of these research include mainly automated self-driving technology and ‘synced vehicle’ features.

A Huge Investment

In the following 12 months, The company is planning to make a huge investment of $1.2B with the purpose of implementing the plug-in hybrid system to its existing cars, by the end of 2018.

To speed up the embracement of EV technologhy in the global marketplace and eliminate the necessity for each companies research and development of every single EV components and units and produce its own hardware, car parts suppliers like GKN are already producing complete elctric vehicle powertrain parts.

As the company hasnt mentionsed it yet, we still dont know who will be the suppler of the batteries in the future. However there is a big change of being Panasonic or Samsung might be rivals.