Almost Twice More Power Than Its Ancestor Concept One

As you remember we first met Rimac Concept one in 2016 byĀ Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili. That year, even though the C One had almost half power of the new Rimac concept two, which is 1,073HP, they moved our expectations to the next level when they claimed it as the fastest accelerating car in the world and could beat the top hypercars of that year on a drag race like Bugatti Veyron and others.

Now, this small yet determined manufacturer appeared once again with another electric-powered supercar, Rimac Concept Two, which is claimed to be much faster and durable from the previous model with an incredible 2000HP heart.

Engine And Battery Specs

Beside improved motor power, what makes C Two more efficient than its ancestor is its improved gearbox system. C Two has a single-speed gearbox on each of the front 2, weels, similar to the previous model but, rear wheels now has an improved two-speed gearbox to accelerate more efficiently.

That turns the car to a monster with 2300nm torque, which accelerates it 0-60 in an awesome 1,85 sec and to 258 mph. max. speed.

Besides acceleration speed, Rimac claims to be the longest range EV with 400 miles with a single charge, which is almost twice longer than other available modern EVs. But what needs to be considered here is, this innovative technology which keeps all those numbers at the highest points, brings some complex parts with them, which makes the car weigh 4,299 pounds, just like an SUV.

Innovative Wheels

Another smart touch Rimac concept two engineers worked on is the innovative covered rims, which is a result of collaboration with Pirelli engineers. As Rimac claims, those covered wheels, unlike many other multi-spoke designed rims we are used to seeing on super and hypercars, helps the aerodynamic flow of the car on high speed, while tiny channels on the rims help cooling air to be directed to the carbon-ceramic braking system.

Improved Security

ON the security side, for both front and back, Rimac preferred to use high density LED lights composed of 58 different hand-built LEDs. The car’s chassis is made up of a high tech monocoque with carbon fiber roof and additional crash structures combined with hardened aluminum.

So, as a conclusion,

I can say that Rimac with;

  • leather and carbon-fiber combined interior,
  • butterfly style doors,
  • liquid-cooled 128kw battery pack and oil cooled %97 effective motors,
  • 1914hp, 2300nm torque, 1,85sec 60mph hit, 258mph max, 404 miles of range
  • custom design tires and carbon ceramic brakes,
  • carbon fiber monocoque
  • hi-tech sensors and other innovations like autonomous driving, auto-brake, evasion control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist and many others,

seems to be easily a hypercar killer while beingĀ environment-friendly.