Planning To Buy An Electric Car? Here Are Some Vital Points To Consider!

Planning To Buy An Electric Car? Here Are Some Vital Points To Consider Before Choosing An Electric Car Over Gasoline

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People Love To Hear Tech-Innovations But Have Concerns

Yes, people love to hear about technological innovations and improvements in the car industry, especially electric vehicle ones. This is mostly because of increasing environmental pollution issues caused by millions of multi-cylinder cars, fast-growing electric car industry, and of course, economization reasons.

In the last a few months, different car makers announced attractive news about their hard work on electric cars, and how the industry likely to be in the near future. Volvo announced that by the end of 2019 they will transform all their cars into electric ones even it’s a contradictive decision… On the other hand, next¬†version of Nissan Leaf was told to have over 200 miles of range, and current industry king, Tesla, is preparing to deliver its mass-market electric car to the world this month while NIO has made the world’s fastest electric car with¬†1,360-HP.

Watching all these improvements, as a potential customer, you might be getting bend to buying an environment-friendly car day by day, yet, here are a few important points you need to consider before making your last decision.


When you fill up your tank in your gasoline car, it is enough to take you approximately 400 miles/ 640 km or more. Moreover, with some of the European diesel cars, such as PSA group engined¬†cars like Citroen or DCI engines like in Renault,¬†it’s more than 1200 km/per full¬†tank, which is about 800 miles if you drive nonaggressively. Yet, with today’s newly improving electric car technology, what we see is shorter ranges which vary from model to model. For example, while Fiat e500 has 84 miles¬†on a full charge, Nissan Leaf has 107, BMW¬†i3 has 114, Chevrolet Bold EV has 238 and Tesla model s ¬†has 335 miles with max range, which is considered high. At this point, you might need to consider to compare the distance you travel and the range you need to have with your car before buying an electric car. For sure if you are traveling¬†short distances like 10-20 miles every single day, like from home to work only, you may go for cheaper ones, or more luxury ones depending on your desire and financial condition.

Charge Time:


we can refill our fully empty tank with gasoline in about 5-10 min at any gas station today. So, when it comes to electric cars, charging time plays an important role in deciding whether to buy an electric car or not. Charging period depends upon the output power and the charger the car uses. Today only Tesla uses superchargers which charge half of the battery in half an hour while others might take up to 12+ hours for a full charge which is connected to regular wall outlet. Of course, you can choose to buy fast chargers for your wall outlets such as  Siemens VC30GRYU Versicharge 30-Amp or JuiceBox Pro 40A which decreases the charge time less than 3 hours.

Battery life:

Image: Lithium-ion battery pack, 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

Batteries in electric cars are much different and featured than the ones used in gas-powered cars which is the fundamental point while determining the price of an electric car. While we use lead-acid based cheap batteries in our gas-powered cars just to start the engine, electric car batteries are designed as lithium-ion based to give sustained power for sustained periods, even after dozens of charging cycles.

Even though most of the EVs come with 100.000 miles of battery warranty similar to gas-powered cars, this is a vital point you need to consider and search before choosing your electric car brand and model, as the batteries will be the most expensive parts to replace in your vehicle.

The reality is when you have a gas-powered car, the engine loses compression and efficiency over time, let’s say, after about 300-400.000 miles of usage, and needs a complete engine maintenance to gain its performance back, same with an electric car, the battery efficiency degrades after a period of time, which is about 200-250.000 miles, if batteries are protected and kept between¬†required temperatures.

Car Sound:

Electric cars are really quiet. This might be something you like to have, or something dangerous for pedestrians, children or stray animals. Or, on the other hand, you might just like to have a sports car sound after paying $90.000 for a whispering vehicle and get disappointed. German car maker Audi had a project on producing artificial sound to use in its electric vehicle E-tron. So this point is another thing you shouldn’t ignore.