340 Mile Range-Upcoming New Nissan EV

Image: nissannews.com

‘The Leaf’ Became A Disappointment

Nissan first jumped into Electric Vehicle market with its ‘Leaf’. However, Nissan Leaf was overshaded with the reveal of newer electric cars Tesla Model S and most recently the Chevrolet Bolt in the last few years. Knowing that the competition in the EV industry increasing rapidly day by day, Nissan decided to release again renewed Nissan Leaf followed by another one with an extended, 340 miles driving range.

%43 Extended Range

The new Leaf will have a %43 extended range with additional 150 miles on a single charge according to Japan’s Nikkei Automotive, which is longer than new BMW i3, VW e-Golf, and Focus Electric but at the same time way shorter than the Chevrolet Bolt and upcoming Tesla Model 3 as a disadvantage.

Yet Nissan has another plan to heal this issue

As the rumors reports, Nissan is working hard on a different model which is planned to be released by 2020 and getting the design ideas from this IDS concept, with a range of over 320 miles on a single charge and with a similar cargo capacity to and exterior dimensions similar to Leaf.