New BMW-4 GT Electric Series Claims To Beat Tesla Model 3

As one of the biggest car manufacturer in the world, German company BMW is rolling up its sleeves to create a new 4 series electric car to seize model 3’s reputation.

I think BMW got panicked right after hearing about its one of the biggest rival Audi announced about Audi e-Tron Quattro and felt obliged to take action.

So, what do you think about this? Can BMW steal the model 3’s thunder just popping up with the same design of 4-series? Comparing to the upcoming Audi e-Tron Quattro’s stunning sharp look and model 3’s tremendous success, do you think same design signature will be enough?

Longer Range Than Model 3

Autocar reports that the automaker is currently preparing a 4-Series GT using the same underpinnings as the upcoming eighth-generation 3-Series. To ensure it can take the fight to Tesla’s entry-level sedan, BMW intends on making it as fast as the current 335d GT while also ensuring a range of up to 311 miles (500 km), significantly more than the Model 3.

BMW is thought to be considering two different options to power the all-electric 4-Series. The first would see the fitment of a front-mounted electric motor working with an electric propeller shaft and a fixed-ratio gearbox sending power to the rear wheels.

Alternatively, there’s a chance the car could use both front-mounted and rear-mounted electric motors to offer a choice between front and all-wheel drive modes. If BMW is serious about achieving a 300+ mile range, battery capacity will inevitably be around 90 kWh, unless advances in battery technology allow that figure to drop.