(Video) This Modified McLaren 570S Almost Catching Up With P1


This McLaren 570S Is Almost As Fast As Its Big Brother P1

Entry-level 570S, with its 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, still does almost the same job as P1 although it’s reported by McLaren that there is a huge difference between other series of the brand.

Owners of the 570s feel lucky for having this reachable car as with appropriate modifications and tuning the 570S can be safely upgraded to almost a P1 level yet, you don’t necessarily need to dive into a competition on a straight line with a P1. After all, it’s a P1 hypercar.

That is World Record!

By transmitting 624 horsepower to the wheels after tuning, this 570s in the video runs 9.9-second quarter mile, which is slightly below a P1 offering 727hp. Despite having those similar results, this monster has a few minor changes, in fact, including ECU tune, exhaust, and cooling modification.

It’s surprising to see how successfully those basic level sports cars can easily achieve to be as fast as hyper ones with minimal changes.

Image source http://www.digitaltrends.com