Mercedes-Benz Felt The Urgency In Electric Vehicle Market

Daimler-Mercedes is speeding up launching electric vehicle plans as the market is moving so fast.

The German auto manufacturer Mercedes is not a new beginner in electrification field and has already been planning to launch 10 electric vehicles in five years period. Possibly being felt the push of the growing market, it decided to speed up its plans and preparing to launch its cars sooner than the schedule.

As company officials confirmed, Mercedes all-electric cars will be launched by 2022, rather than as scheduled before by the end of 2025.


To be honest, this is a brand new technology and experiment and three years is a huge change in the planned schedule, however, Mercedes invested 10 billion euros in making this dream come true.

“The first one will take the form of a Mercedes-Benz GLC-sized crossover whose design will echo the Generation EQ concept shown last year at the Paris Auto Show.”

“You will see more and more EQ coming. It’s not just product and tech, there is also going to be a whole ecosystem around it.”


“Mercedes-Benz’s commercial vehicles division has already announced plans to launch a battery-powered heavy-duty truck developed for delivery duties in crowded city centers. It will offer approximately 124 miles of range.”


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