Indian Carmaker Is Ambitious About Electric Vehicle Market

Although it’s still just a plan, Indian car manufacturer Mahindra is all serious about producing electric vehicles. In fact, Indian carmaker is planning to start its production line with the SUV Aero which was revealed as a concept at 2016 Auto Expo.

Despite the detailed information about the SUV is still a secret, as the company hasn’t shared enough information, it’s a high possibility that the Aero will be in service till 2021.

The company is not planning to produce different lines of high-end electric vehicles because of today’s narrow market demands and planning to develop the mentioned SUV basically for the international market. However, according to company officials, it will also be available for Indian customers when the production costs are decreased.

New Motor Technology

Possibly, Mahindra will use the new powerful 380V system which it’s been still working on for its new SUV and other upcoming electric vehicles. We need to add that the company is currently using 48V and 72V systems as powertrains on its vehicles. Upcoming improves system is estimated to enhance the range up to 350kms