Final Touches

As its first SUV, Lamborghini is preparing to launch its hybrid Urus model and still working on final touches.

At the Beijing show, back in 2012, the company displayed the concept model and now it is has a critical importance as it’s the model to attract the customers in a totally brand new category in the showrooms.

Despite having the same DNA and characteristics with one of the best high-performance car, Aventador S, it has a big trunk and large back seat area, which shows us that it’s designed as a practical family car. Yet, it has all the performance capabilities of ‘Lamborghini’ brand as it will come with a turbocharged engine for the very first time in Lamborghini history.

“I think the perfect DNA for the super sport SUV will be the first version, with a V8 that makes roughly 650 horsepower. It will offer best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.”

  “Will the hybrid still be able to go off-road?

Yes, of course, the SUV was born to go off-road. It’s clear the best off-road version will be the one with the V8, because in off-road driving you need to have as little weight as possible. The plug-in model won’t be as capable off-road, but it will still be good.

The suspension is pneumatic, so the different driving modes will change the ride height.”