Autonomous Vehicle Doesn’t Mean To Be All Alone Traveller

Germany has made a big change in law regulations recently for its massive automotive industry to develop and experiment self-driving car technology. They made clear the actions to take on German roads by autonomous cars with the approval of new law setting by the German parliament.

According to law, a driver must be sitting behind the wheel at any given time, to take action in case of any emergency situation.

If it’s on Self-Drive mode, No One Can Blame The Driver But The Manufacturer Company.

“The new legislation allows German car companies to road-test vehicles in which drivers will be allowed to take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road to browse the web or check emails while the vehicle handles steering or braking autonomously.”

“The legislation requires that a black box record the journey underway, logging whether the human driver or the car’s self-piloting system was in charge at all moments of the ride. This will be crucial for apportioning blame in accidents.”

“The driver will bear responsibility for accidents that take place under his or her watch, under the legislation, but if the self-driving system is in charge and a system failure is to blame, the manufacturer will be responsible.”

Recently Volkswagen group announced a new self-driving vehicle named ‘Sedric’.