The M8 Gran Coupe concept, shown in the video, let us predict the design language of the production vehicles of BMW which is planned to be released in 2019. BMW M8 will possibly welcome us with different body styles models including four-door, two-door coupe and convertible. The four-door concept which you see in the video isĀ rumored to deliver 600HP/553LB-FT of torque or more thanks to the V8 dual turbo engine which had a 4 wheel drivetrain with ZF 8 speed automatic transmission. The m8, and its base model the 8 series gran-coupe will be powered by both gasoline and diesel engines with possibly V8 or V12 cylinders based on the market demands of the locations.

As the chief designer of M8Ā Adrian van Hooydonk expressed, the new BMW M8 creation approach will represent the new and exaggerated face of luxury and sport.

We can simply understand the concept that visual appearance of new M8 is so similar to its ancestorĀ M8 which was introduced in 2017 that both has the same dimensions architecture.

What makes new one slightly different is M-type elements with the new one, which are large wheels and air intakes, extended fenders, carbon fiber roof constructs, advanced spoiler and four beefy exhausts.

Zagato-inspired indented center section of the roof was kept which makes it a remarkable detail.

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AsĀ SalĆØve VertĀ the color of the car is ‘blue-green’ which is a distinct color choice we are familiar with many of the concept cars. On the other hand, the exhaustĀ tips, wheels and the kidney grille are finished in rose gold.

The possible price range of the 8 series will surely be a high-end tag.

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When we take theĀ M760i xDrive, as a reference model which retails from $156,700 and up, the new M8 will definitelyĀ have a higher price of at least $180.000 for V8 and $200.000+ for the V12 version, for the US market.

bmw M8 concept carsoncharge