Will Apple Be On The Roads In Near Future?

It was declaredĀ by Citigroup that there is a list of 7 companiesĀ that Apple might possibly be targeting to take over to put into operation their massive $250 billion amount of cash, including Tesla, Netflix, and Walt Disney. (Rumors are around $75 Billion for Tesla.)

“Tesla made headlines last month for its massive market cap of about $51 billion. At the time, that meant Tesla was worth $1.7 billion more than its General Motors, America’s biggest automaker. Wall Street’s valuation of Tesla is based mostly on potential, not on the products and services it has, so far, delivered to customers.”

“Apple has shown clear intentions to enter the automotive segment, with a secretive group of engineers working under the Project Titan label. Apple was recently granted a permit to begin testing self-driving automobiles in California.”