Here Is All New Fast Hybrid VW Golf.

VW officially makes a modified hybrid version of its already existing monster, GTI, even though it is almost nothing to do with it. VW named the new version hybrid’s name as GTE

VW named the new version hybrid’s name as GTE, which has a 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine on the front wheels, supported by an electric motor which has slightly over 200bhp.

VW Golf GTI First Decade

However, what you see here in the picture makes the real difference in the game. Let me introduce you the new VW Golf GTI First Decade, which has an enormous 396bhp petrol engine on the front wheels, for such a light body.

On the other hand, rear wheels has a 48-volt, 12kw electric motor, producing only 16bhp which makes the car has over 400bhp in total.

What it appears to be here is this electric motor has nothing to do but parking the car or driving in the city with zero emission as it doesn’t help the car’s acceleration or keep driving after you run out of gas.

Why the curious ‘First Decade’ name? Well, that’s a nod to this being the tenth year of Wörthersee concept cars created by VW. Wörthersee is a sort of pilgrimage-festival for modified car enthusiasts of a VW Group persuasion, and in the past has brought us the likes of the VW Golf GTI W12 650 to keep the faithful entertained. That means there are no plans to make this hella-hybrid GTI a production car, but it shows VW is thinking about integrating electricity into its core heartland models.

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