(Video) 1224 Hp Rimac Concept One Introduction

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Rimac Concept One Introduction

Introduction video of Rimac Concept One, which is the fastestĀ accelerating electric car with 1224 hp max. in the world right now.

The Rimac Concept One has all-wheel drive, but it packs a whopping 1224 horsepower and 1180 ft.-lb

It packs a very advanced torque vectoring system to balance out the weight penalty that comes with the batteries.

Only 8 were buit

Rimac’s first car cost well over a million dollars, and only eight were built, since the Concept One’s main purpose was to demonstrate what they can do. Half of those eight were sold to America, two went to the United Kingdom, while the remaining pair headed to the Middle East. This silver example lives in Florida, and its owner has put over 6000 miles on it. Hot climate testing, done.